Tom Wiklund


Chief Clinical Director
Specialist in Medical Oncology and Radiotherapy
M.D, Ph.D., Adj. Prof.


All cancer types, especially breast cancer, bone and soft tissue sarcomas, testicular cancer and lymphomas.

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As Chief Clinical Director at the Docrates Cancer Center, Tom Wiklund is responsible for the clinical operations of the hospital and, administratively, the physicians and physicists at the hospital. In addition, he actively participates in patient work. Wiklund’s main areas of expertise are sarcoma, lymphoma and breast and testicular cancer.

Wiklund wants to maintain and further develop Docrates’ unique patient-centred care concept. He feels that administrative work is especially important for systematic clinical leadership: this means treating patients consistently with the best available knowledge and skills, taking into account each patient’s specific needs.

Wiklund has extensive experience in clinical work and international cooperation. He has been active in many Nordic cancer groups, either on government boards or in working groups (including the Scandinavian Breast Group SBG, the Nordic Lymphoma Group NLG and the Scandinavian Sarcoma Group SSG). He has also collaborated on a study based on cancer registries in Finland and the U.S. to investigate the late effects of cancer treatment.

Wiklund graduated as a doctor in Helsinki in 1983. In the specialty of oncology, he was interested in the breadth and development prospects of the field and in giving each patient the same time and value, whether it is about healing treatment or end-stage pain relief and improving quality of life. Wiklund began his cancer specialist studies in Vaasa and completed his degree in Helsinki in 1986. In particular, he learned about the treatment of young patients and sarcoma, the treatment of patients with testicular cancer, and advanced chemotherapy. In 1993, Wiklund defended his doctoral thesis of soft tissue sarcoma under the guidance of professors Inkeri Elomaa and Carl Blomqvist.

The highlight of Wiklund’s clinical career has been setting up and leading a unit specialising in blood stem cell replacement therapy at Helsinki University Central Hospital. Through research it was possible to learn how to use stem cell treatments appropriately. While dealing with high-dose chemotherapy, Wiklund’s interest shifted to breast cancer and lymphoma as well.

Wiklund joined the pharmaceutical industry in 2003, when he began to work as the Medical Director of Roche Oy. Roche is a pharmaceutical company specialising in cancer drug research. Wiklund was able to establish a medical department within the company that was responsible not only for clinical trials, but also for scientific service, drug safety, drug registration and information on medicinal products for scientists, physicians and patients.

In 2007, Wiklund became the Medical Director of Pfizer Finland, responsible for clinical research, drug information and safety, and also for drug substitution and public relations.

Wiklund is development-oriented and also focuses on development at Docrates. He believes that cancer therapies and the industry as a whole will evolve in many ways; science is advancing rapidly and there are more cancer patients. As we learn how to treat cancer better, there will be more patients treated and more cancer survivors.

While working in the pharmaceutical industry, Wiklund learned to understand drug research and the life cycle of a drug. He also strives to utilise this expertise at Docrates. He believes that development in the field will obviously be quicker on the pharmaceutical and diagnostic sides in particular as new drugs are developed for new targets. But in addition, both new and old drugs are being learned to be used correctly and in a targeted manner.

The most important thing in this development is still that patients and their illnesses are known as well as possible. There are many options for cancer treatment, which leaves room for discussion in treatment planning. As a physician, Wiklund therefore always strives to have an in-depth understanding of patients and to understand each person’s individual personality and situation. Through discussions with the patient, Wiklund always strives to find the best solutions for the patient.


Adjunct Professor of Medical Oncology and Radiotherapy, University of Helsinki 1996
Ph.D., University of Helsinki 1993
Specialist in Medical Oncology and Radiotherapy, University of Helsinki 1989
M.D., University of Helsinki 1983

Work history

  • Docrates Cancer Center, Chief Clinical Director 2014-
  • Pfizer Finland, Medical Director 2007-2014
  • Roche Finland, Medical Director 2003-2007
  • HUH Department of Oncology, Head of Ward / Specialist / Assistant Physician 1987-2002
  • Vaasa Central Hospital Department of Oncology, Specialist 1985-1986

Scientific activities

Research of diagnostics and treatment of bone and soft tissue sarcomas, treatment of breast cancer and lymphomas (especially high dosage chemotherapy and stem cell transplants), as well as the long term side effects of cancer treatment.

Memberships and positions of trust

Member of the Pharmacotherapy Team, Scandinavian Sarcoma Group 1986-2002
Member of the Brain Lymphoma Team 1994-1996 & Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Team 1996-2002, Nordic Lymphoma Group
Member of the Board, Scandinavian Breast Group (SBG) 1994-1996
Other memberships: American Society of Oncology, Finnish Society of Oncology, The Finnish Medical Association (FMA), Finnish Breast Cancer Group