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The latest treatment methods for advanced prostate cancer

At Docrates Cancer Center we offer you the latest treatment methods and a team of leading prostate cancer experts providing personalized care for your unique situation. The key to treating patients with advanced prostate cancer is an individualized treatment program.

Today there are more and more effective treatment options available for advanced prostate cancer. The front-line treatment always includes medical treatments, most commonly hormone therapy and/or chemotherapy. Radiotherapy can be included in the treatment with special techniques, even if there are extensive metastases.

When the traditional first-line treatments are no longer efficient, we can offer targeted therapies like radionuclide treatments, which have been found to be both effective and safe options (e.g. 177-lutetium-PSMA and 225-actinium-PSMA). In addition, we can analyze cancer genome to look for targetable vulnerabilities in cancer cells and consider immuno-oncological treatments. These new forms of treatments are becoming more common and are being used in combination with the traditional ones.

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Why Treat Advanced Prostate Cancer at Docrates?

Learn more about how we treat advanced prostate cancer

Nowadays advanced prostate cancer can be treated effectively.  The key to treating patients with advanced prostate cancer is an individualized treatment program.

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Finland is a leading country in cancer care and diagnostics

More and more patients are coming to Finland to seek better treatments – including cancer treatments. Finnish cancer treatment is among the best in Europe and in the world. At Docrates we have treated patients from over 60 countries.

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Treatments of Advanced Prostate Cancer

Drug Therapy

Drug therapy is used for advanced and high-risk prostate cancer. At Docrates Cancer Center, we take advantage of the latest treatments and make an individual treatment plan for each of our patients.

HDR Brachytherapy

An HDR or High Dose Rate treatment is an effective interstitial form of radiotherapy, allowing us to minimise the adverse effects of treatment and yet deliver a higher dose of radiation to the tumor. Docrates Cancer Center is the most experienced provider of HDR brachytherapy in Finland.

External Radiotherapy

Each external radiotherapy patient at Docrates has access to this modern, high-quality radiotherapy in accordance with a customised treatment plan prepared by our experts. The plan can be adjusted as the treatment advances in order to ensure an optimal outcome.

Radioisotope Therapies

Using this method, it is possible to locate potential cancer metastases and monitor the effectiveness of cancer treatment. Radionuclides are also used in cancer treatment, in which case a radionuclide that has been taken up by the tumor destroys cancer cells through its radiation.

Our Team of Leading Prostate Cancer Experts

Experienced and multi-professional team
Timo Joensuu is a leading expert in prostate cancer and specialises in its drug treatment and radiotherapy. He has among other things over ten years of experience of stereotactic radiotherapy.

He was the first in Finland and in the Nordic countries to employ IMRT treatment and the most advanced VMAT RapidArc and HDR brachytherapies. Under Joensuu’s leadership, Docrates is actively developing targeted radiotherapies.

An integral aspect of treatment of advanced prostate cancer is a consultation with an oncologist immediately after the diagnosis, and seamless collaboration between the different specialists. Our experienced specialists use reliable examinations to determine, without delay, whether the patient is a candidate for new treatment options and subsequently draw up a tailored treatment plan for each patient.

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Patient stories

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Finland is the third best country in Europe in treating prostate cancer.

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